Fracking on the North Coast – Licence information

Petroleum licences have been granted to two companies to explore and drill for petroleum (oil or gas) on the North Coast. They could be drilling here within months.

  1. Licence PL3/10 has been granted to Rathlin Energy Ltd (a Canadian Owned company) to explore and drill in the Rathlin Basin Area (the pink area on the map below) with associated guidance notes 
  2. Licence PL5/10 was granted to PR Singleton Ltd (owned by Providence, an irish based company), to explore and drill on Rathlin Island (the green area on the map below) with associated guidance notes. The licence was relinquished on 12 August 2014.

Although these licences do not specifically mention hydraulic fracturing/fracking for extraction of shale gas – in the way that the Tamboran licence for Co.Fermanagh does – the process could proceed under this licence if all relevant consents are sought and granted.

Rathlin Energy Ltd’s owner, Connaught Energy Ltd held the original licences (CE1-04 and CE2-04) under which a well was drilled at Ballinlea in 2008. The licences were specifically for the exploration of Coalbed Methane and Shale Gas potential.

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