Rathlin Energy’s Community consultation – tick

There was a great show of community opposition at yesterday’s Rathlin Energy meeting.

At least 50 people turned up to show their opposition to Rathlin Energy’s operations, especially the possibility of fracking. Most people there felt that the smooth-talking Rathlin Energy Executives were simply engaging in a tick-box community consultation exercise.

If the company really cared what local people thought they would pack up and go home!

But it looks like they are proposing to go ahead with their testing, plans to drill a new well, and ultimately fracking. They didn’t tell people anything they didn’t already know. It took a lot of questionning before they admitted that they could use fracking. They looked very uncomfortable when asked difficult and detailed questions about the processes they would use and how they would handle risks. Different executives provided different answers.

Great outcomes from this Rathlin Energy meeting are that more local people are now much more aware of the risks of fracking, and wanting to take action against it. This is great news! Well done to those who are leading this campaign!

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